• Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Office Cleaning Services
  • Conservancy Cleaning Services
  • Residential Cleaning Services
  • Industrial Estate Cleaning Services
  • Supply of Toiletries
  • Provide Professional One Stop Cleaning Solution
  • Personal advisor (assist parents with school/university issues, post high school consulting and career coach)
  • Work with school owners and boards of trustees

Our fleet includes Cars, SUVs, Minivans, Vans, 15 and 7 Seater Micro Vans and Luxury buses/coaches with a seating capacity of 66, 45, 42, 34, 29 and 26. We have well trained Fleet Supervisors and English speaking chauffeurs who are available round-the-clock to assist our customers. Our unparalleled quality of service, supreme fleet quality and affordable rates, make us the ideal choice for all vehicle rental needs in Saudi Arabia

The Transportation Department is capable to handle any kind of transportation including the Ammunition. Triumph was the contractor for the biggest ammunition transportation contract in Saudi Arabia for the U.S. Air Force “Turbo Cads Cargo Line Haul”.

TreiumphPrivate Civil Security Guards is a fully Saudi national company and it operates in the field of providing security guards, was licensed by the Ministry of Interior as per the Noble Decree No. 111 dated on 08/03/1426 AH. The Company services for a variety of businesses and industries. We have invested significant resources in the development ofsecurity professionals of Saudi young men who understand the specialized needs of your industry. We can help you address identified security issues, offering a customized solution based on security expertise gained from serving our clients


  • Triumph is providing Eductionational consultancy services with the coordination of:-
  • We can support with the following services:
  • Observe and Evaluate Staff (teachers, paraprofessiinals, and adminiostrative)
  • Training and employee development
  • Strategic planning
  • Security audits
  • Financial review
  • Personal advisor (assist parents with school/university issues, post high school consulting and career coach)
  • Work with school owners and boards of trustees


  • Al Yousif Hospital started as a polyclinic in 1983. In 1990, it became a general hospital, providing services that are according to the Ministry of Health regulations, Kingdom rules and National Hospital standards (CBAHI).
  • Al Yousif Hospital is driven by a single thrust: to provide the best standards for health care services. It is through this passion that has led to the development of its unique center for excellence in the medical and dental disciplines.
  • Our patient's satisfaction is our main concern. This is exemplified by our 24/7 radiology and laboratory facilities that supports both in-patient and out-patient treatment.

Our Laundry Services is the smart laundry solution to all customers’ laundry woes. We provide affordable laundry service that designed around the customer’s needs. . Our clients love the quality, reliability and flexibility of our personalized laundry service. Our satisfied customers includes Military Departments, Hotels, Hospitals, and Major Restaurants.