Triumph Contracting provides solid waste collection services to commercial, industrial, construction and residential customers. We will provide our customers with the necessary containers and service to meet their needs without exceeding their budget. Triumph manage the solid waste from collection at customer location to disposal at one of the regional landfills.

Triumph’s facilities offer our customers the convenience of collecting and disposal of the liquid waste as per their requirements. The liquid waste is treated with an absorbing agent then be disposed of in a secure landfill. Triumph is proud to have a proven record of environmental compliance and expertise.

Triumph provides our customers the technical knowledge and regulatory expertise to handle all their special waste needs, including process wastes, asbestos, petroleum contaminated soils, treated and de-characterized wastes, or contaminated demolition debris. Triumph offers a full range of services from waste analysis to compliance tracking to secure disposal.

Triumph providing quality pest elimination and control services. We constantly evaluate the newest technology and are on top of regulations that affect our customer’s best interests. We update the proficiency of our staff through ongoing classroom training programs that stress safety and technical expertise.